Made in France

While many companies are choosing to relocate, E-Swin – a French company that has been buoyed by its success – took on the challenge to remain in France by focusing primarily on quality. Production is now divided between two production plants: one in Paris and a second one in Brittany. Our teams manufacture devices on a daily basis for shipment anywhere in the world.

We can provide full traceability for each device and for all of its components because we guarantee French production, certified to ISO 13485 and ISO 9001. Choosing E-Swin means total security for your peace of mind.

You can purchase our devices on our website or at our showroom in Paris. This sales strategy without middlemen allows us to offer more attractive prices and direct customer contact.

‘Green’ citizen

Concerned with the future of our planet, we’re committed to reducing the environmental impact of our products. Our offer to take back E-One devices enables us to give a second life to our older models. Customers benefit from new devices at preferential rates, while their old model is returned to our workshop. The latter is assessed by our after-sales team, restored to working condition if required, then put up for sale as a refurbished device under a special offer.

We also provide a free return voucher with the purchase of any Optic cartridge, which enables our customers to return used cartridges in the original packaging (only available in France). We then dismantle and recycle the various used parts accordingly.

Do your bit for the environment with E-Swin by returning your used cartridges for free!


Whether they’re for professionals or individual customers, our products have been developed to be cost-effective and economical – both in the short and long term.

For example, although our E-One is a high-end product carrying quite a high price tag, our individual customers find that they can achieve savings in the short term. In fact, the cost becomes rather ridiculous: less than 1 euro per session for underarms, i.e. 6 euros per year for impeccable armpits. Half legs work out at 10 euros per session, i.e. only 60 euros per year. And E-Swin has thought of everything: the "Multi" kits allow you to share the product with others, thereby reducing the initial purchase cost.

In the long term, the savings are even more significant: in comparison with all other hair removal techniques, over a typical 10-year period, E-One is the cheapest hair removal solution on the market. Designed to support more than millions of flashes, you’ll be able to keep your device for years and pass it on to your family and friends, as long as it’s in a purely domestic (non-professional) environment.

For our professional products, profitability calculations are available on request, and help in developing your client base is offered based on your activity.


The efficiency of our technology has been proven by clinical tests, conducted properly over a period of more than 3 years by independent doctors in hospitals. The secret behind the effectiveness of our flash comes from electronic management of luminous energy in real time, allowing instantaneous luminous power to remain constant throughout the entire flash. The result of this advanced technology, which we’ve named IRPL®, is a perfectly uniform and regulated flash. This allows you to safely treat different types of skin – type I to V – and even tanned skin.

For example, for collagen stimulation, W-O75’s efficiency was demonstrated in a clinical study. This study showed the regenerating effects of the flash on collagen and elastin tissues, leading to a reduction of wrinkles.


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