Whatever your industry, our expertise is at the disposal of your brand and products – helping you find solutions.

ESW has development, simulation, rapid prototyping and testing resources that result in a design that’s close to its goals from the first prototype.


ESW widely uses CAD and simulation tools that are among the most efficient on the market. As such, the team has workstations dedicated to each industry.

3D CAD development stations

Digital and mixed analogue simulators (Spice)

Allowing co-simulation of analogue electronics or power driven by digital circuits.

Optical simulation station

Flow simulation and HVAC simulator

For the simulation of flow and heat science, through integration of the effects of radiation.

Microcontrollers and FPGA development channels


The increasingly short ‘time to market’ reduces development cycles between the initial work and launching the product onto the market. This has led to investments dedicated to rapid prototyping:

  • Three 3D printers to make rapid prototypes of plastics designs
  • A reflow oven for wiring electronic prototypes.

Testing and validation

In addition to traditional laboratory development, ESW has a GTEM cell and a measurement receiver that enable EMC tests for radiation to be carried out internally.

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