The ESW Engineering & Development team brings together diverse industrial skills needed to create products:

  • Power electronics, with analogue or digital control
  • Analogue electronics and small signals
  • Digital electronics – processors and FPGA
  • Mechanical design and plastics
  • Optics and photometry
  • Heat science and aerology
  • Normative engineering

ESW Engineering & Development’s mission is to design to produce. This approach ensures design that takes into account the needs of testability as well as manufacturing criteria. Its aim is to guarantee constant quality production at a very high standard.

Development is undertaken in conjunction with normative analysis. The challenge is for our customers to obtain the certifications required to introduce a product onto the market.

The ESW Engineering & Development team is able to take charge of the design of your products or subassemblies – from the early stages of feasibility through to certification and production support.

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